Learn Piano Online – An Honest Review of Pianoforall

Hello! Today I will be presenting an accurate review for a popular piano course online entitled: Pianoforall – The Ingenious New Way to Learn Piano & Keyboard

I have always had a deep appreciation for listening to and singing all types of music. I especially wanted to find a course I could study at home in my spare time to finally learn how to play the piano because I’ve had a beautiful classic Baldwin piano sitting in my living room for 30 years, and it was just collecting dust and no one was playing it.

A few months back, I began searching the Internet online to find a home study course on how to play the piano. In my mind, the course would have to be somewhat easy and at the same time be very interesting, fun, and complete. I mean if I really wanted to learn how to play piano, I just didn’t want to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Chop Sticks”. I wanted to learn the real thing!

So I decided through a lot of competitive online courses I had researched, Pianoforall seemed to be the right and logical choice for me in every way, promising to teach me everything from “Bach” to “The Beatles”. So I use it, and I am now giving my honest review and opinion of it.

Pianoforall is a comprehensive Internet based course designed to teach basic and intermediate piano and keyboard. Covering nearly every genre of music including classical, pop, ballad, rhythm & blues, this system seems to be an amazing value for students for just a one time, small bargain price.

The program’s creator, Robin Hall, is an Irish piano teacher who designed the course lessons as a theoretical/illustrative multimedia presentation using audio sound tracks and video files embedded on downloadable pdf eBooks for desktop and laptop personal computers, plus Android and Apple iPhones. Hall’s course results in bringing about a superior learning method for students. The course is organized in such a way as to build a student’s piano playing skills and confidence, one lesson at a time. 

Robin Hall makes claim his system can actually shorten a student’s learning curve, making him or her master the art of piano playing rather quickly.

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Here is an ingenious sample demonstration video that shows how Pianoforall works:

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Included in the Pianoforall course are 10 downloadable eBooks. The eBooks are written to be followed in sequence, 1 to 10, starting from basic rhythm piano, to blues, rock n roll, ballads, jazz, and all the way to the great classics.

After students get acquainted with the general layout of the piano and remembering where specific keys are, students begin learning how to play basic chords and rhythms.

Progressing further into the lessons, the rhythms and chords become more melodious and complex enabling students to move from one eBook to another playing more specific piano chords and music genre. Speed learning exercises are also included to enable students to test and practice their advanced chord skills.

Overall, I have found the lessons easy to learn and understand. The text, illustrations, video and audio files are just like having Robin Hall right at your side. All you need do to quickly play the accompanying sound or video files is to click on the embedded icons which are already included on the lesson page. With this system setup, it is much easier and faster than having to store, browse, and download a bunch of files manually; then select the one you want to play whenever it calls for it.

I think the videos are particularly good as Robin talks you through and then plays in front of you the section he is teaching. Every eBook is thoughtfully put together and is comprised of easy steps to help build your piano playing skills and ability. The eBooks contain many diagrams to assist you including colored dots on piano keys that show you which notes to play as well as show traditional music notation.

Remarkably, I am surprised, only after a few days into the course I was able to play some really nice piano chords and learned some neat basic rhythms. This course is giving me the personal confidence I needed to continue to finally learn and play the piano, which at one time in my life I was really afraid to try.

Basically, the first 9 eBooks in the program provide the actual lessons. The tenth eBook serves as a source reference related to piano playing, such as tips on how to choose the right piano, how to properly set up a MIDI keyboard, useful websites, and more.

Also included in the purchase price is a bonus 40 page eBook entitled “Increase Your Creative Ability 400%”. This particular eBook shows a student how to focus his or her creative abilities to maximum efficiency and with the right mental attitude for achieving phenomenal success.

Course Content:

A total of 500 audio and 200 video files are distributed throughout the eBook downloads which make up the complete multimedia training system:

  • eBook 1 – Party Time – Rhythm Piano (93 pages)
  • eBook 2 – Blues and Rock n Roll (21 pages)
  • eBook 3 – Chord Magic (32 pages)
  • eBook 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy (26 pages)
  • eBook 5 – Ballad Style (66 pages)
  • eBook 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy (86 pages)
  • eBook 7 – Advanced Blues and Fake Stride (60 pages)
  • eBook 8 – Taming the Classics (71 pages)
  • eBook 9 – Speed Learning (120 pages)
  • eBook 10 – Bumper Resource Book (33 pages)
  • Extra Bonus eBook – Increase Your Creative Ability 400% (40 pages)

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Why I Believe Pianoforall is the Right Choice for Learning the Piano:

While most traditional music training courses begin with exhausting theory and learning to read standard music notation, followed by learning scales and music using standard sheet music; the Pianoforall course starts you playing piano right away using keyboard diagrams with supporting audio and video files. To me, this learning method seems to be really fun!

In other words, this does not mean you won’t learn to read standard music notation; but instead you learn standard music notation as you progress. In this way you begin playing great sounding piano quickly, and without any boredom.

Pros and Cons:

With this course you will learn to play music well first, then you learn music notation as you go along. The directional approach used by Pianoforall is to first teach you chords and chord progressions. Then you break the chords up and play notes individually turning sound into a ballad type style. By using this method of learning your skills and abilities grow as you progress on through the course.

Unless you want to be a celebrated concert pianist and are looking for a traditional and classic approach to learning piano, Pianoforall would not be right for you in my opinion. However, I believe it is the right course for anyone wanting to learn piano quickly and sounding great especially around close family and friends. Besides all this, you should feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment.


Especially if you’re on a small budget and would like to get quality piano lessons, Pianoforall should fit the bill quite nicely. With Pianoforall, you might become a master at piano playing without having to spend a fortune. What’s more, your small one time investment of just $39 is covered by a 60-day full money back guarantee and free email support from Robin Hall if needed. That is why I truly endorse this course as an affiliate.

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