Are you one of the people who attempted to learn how to play a piano / keyboard in earlier years, then decidedly decided that you just did not have the manual dexterity required to spread your fingers across the required keys?

Did something as simple as a C chord make your fingers ache and the concept of playing a melody at the same time as a chord completely baffle your senses?

Perhaps these experiences diverted you from ever trying to play again, and as such you continue to watch in wonder as even amateur pianist astound you with their ability to do this one simple thing that you never could.

This is the one thing that keeps you from learning to voice your thoughts and feelings through music as you so warn to do.

There are actually a series of exercises that you can do that will slowly allow your fingers to reach the keys to any chord quite comfortably and once you gain this skill over a short amount of time, you will think less and less about executing chord sequences and more about playing the associated melodies.

The finger exercises are quite simple and can also assist with the playing of string instruments such as the guitar improving finger reach and chord focus.

Initially just using the index finger and thumb, gently massage the fingers of each hand from bottom to top several times which will improve blood flow and sensitize the finger tips (this is similar to any exercise warm up).

Next stretch out your fingers and thumb as far forward as you can without causing yourself discomfort (if you suffer from arthritis then consult your doctor before doing this), then slowly clench your hand into a fist then release.

Repeat the above stretch exercise at least ten times per day.

Finally holding your palms downwards, gently stretch your fingers to full length and slowly spread your fingers as far apart as possible once again without causing yourself discomfort ,.

Do this exercise at least ten times per day, and after two weeks or so try to play a basic melody with an appropriate chord and you will find that you have finally developed Piano fingers therefore you can now go on to become the expert pianist that you always knew that you could be.

So what are you waiting for, get back to learning to play piano and enjoy the additional method of expression that has been missing in your life for so long.

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Source by Paul Fitzpatrick

Do You Have Piano Fingers?

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