You want to increase your learning and understanding. You also know that your emotional state can have a huge impact on your capacity to learn and use information. Did you know that the friends and associates you choose can greatly affect your emotional state and extremely your ability to learn? Let me explain how in this article.

Everyone has a different level of anxiety. Our individual fears and attitudes are well known to us. However, what determines your level of anxiety is not as simple as you may first believe. Recent research reveals that social influences on your anxiety can be quite profound.

A study was done by David Eliam at Tel Aviv University. His study involved a social animal known as a vole. Voles have individual levels of anxiety just like humans. The experiment involved exposing a group of vacancies to the presence of barn owls. Barn owls are a natural predator on these rodents. What occurred was quite striking.

When the owls were released and fly over the a vole that was safely placed inside of a cage the responses were what one might expect. Each animal responded according to its own specific level of anxiety. In other words they exhibited their individual levels of fear. But it soon became apparent that more was occurring.

When groups of vacancies which anxiety levels differ greatly from each other were used in the experiment the results were quite different. The differences in their specific anxiety responses changed. Their responses in a group were quite different than their responses as individuals. What was discovered was quite significant to you and your learning. In group of voles responded to the anxiety as the same amount of level. In other words, the stress of the owl over the group caused them to respond more as a group and less as an individual. Their behaviors merged into a group norm rather than reflecting their individual characteristics. This has great significance to your learning as well.

Human beings form social groups continuously. There are major rituals and conventions that groups share in common that help to form their individual identity. That is why these results are so important in your ability to learn and succeed in life. If you surround yourself with people who are positive. People who react to challenges and stress as opportunities to move them forward and succeed, you are more likely to express these same qualities yourself. Conversely, if you surround yourself with people who continuously complain about life. Take each problem, and magnify it as a major obstacle. You too will experience life as if you are facing a greater burden.

You want to succeed. You want to get the best results from speed reading, learning, and everything else that you pursue. The people that surround you will have a major influence on your ability to fulfill your dreams. Choose your associates carefully to get the results that you are seeking.

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Source by Howard S Berg

Speed ​​Reading And Learning Tip – Choose Your Friends Carefully To Maximize Your Learning

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