No one likes having acne. Pimples and zits all over your face are never going to be pretty. While this is the case many people desireately seek a solution. With that said lets slow down for a minute and think about what's going on.

Obviously acne is a skin disorder. Something is wrong that is causing the skin to break out in pimples. As you probably already know the root cause is blocked pores. These pores can get blocked for a few reasons.

One reason is that they body is over producing a substance called sebum. This substance has an almost oily like texture to it – then you couple this with a little bacteria and the end result is zits which occurs due to inflammation. The skin reacts like a soar.

As you can see the laws of cause and effect are in play. Something is causing your pores to get blocked and this with a few other factors ending up with the pimple effect.

Forgive me I may be coming off as a bit simplistic but sometimes as you know we human beings can over complicate issues and fail to see the answer that is staring us in the face.

OK so based on this you are smart enough to understand that just treating this from the outside with topical solutions is only going to take care of one part of the equation.

However if we approach it from the inside out our likelihood of success is far greater. As a consequence you need to observe what you are doing on a day to day basis that is resulting in blocked pores.

You need to be hygienic and change bed clothing and towels. You need to note how much water you are drinking. You need to note how much fresh food you are eating and all of this will answer the cause and effect question.

Engage that wonderful thing between your ears as this is the real secret to your success and soon enough you will naturally understand how to overcome this issue long term.

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Source by Benjamin Wise

The Real Secret To Getting Rid Of Acne

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