How to Play the A Major Scale on Piano – Learn to Play Piano – Tutorial Lesson 32

Lesson 32 in the DIY learn to play piano series. This lesson tutorial covers how to play the A Major Scale on piano! Learn how to play the piano, learn the different scales on the piano, learn music theory and more with this series of lessons tutorials from lessonsontheweb.
Examples and playing assignments here:

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Lessonsontheweb is your online channel built to help you learn to play the piano. Whether you are an adult, kid, beginner or expert we have over 150+ of the best video tutorials teaching you the basics in chords, reading sheet music, theory and more. These free online piano lessons are lead by Tim Wurm. With his passion to teach piano lessons online through video Tim continues to teach thousands how to play piano with his friendly delivery. Lessonsontheweb also includes a blog as well as other free resources and an academy where you can take your skills to the next level! Lessonsonthewebs goal is to share the gift of music and playing piano with music lovers all over the globe. Life comes at you fast and with many busy schedules
finding the time and money for a location and instructor can feel nearly impossible. Our free and easy to follow videos are offered as an alternative to an at home instructor. Our premium subscription service is designed for intermediate and advanced students with goals to play piano at a higher level.

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