How to Play the Harmonic Minor Scale on the Piano – Learn How to Play Piano
It is highly recommended that you know some basic music theory to understand this lesson. Please check out my music theory lesson playlist to learn!

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This is a lesson in the learn how to play piano series which centers on how to play any harmonic minor scale on the piano. The formula for the harmonic minor scale is whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, half step. Remember that this scale is different than the natural minor scale in that the 7th note of the scale is raised to create a leading tone. The leading tone helps create a pulling sound to the key note also known as the tonic. For example, if you are in the key of G Major, the tonic will be G. This would make F# the leading tone since it is a half step below G. Another example would be E major; which note would the leading tone be? It is always a half step below the tonic. So D# is the leading tone. Learning your harmonic minor scales will help you play piano songs that are in minor keys since all of the notes included in a scale are generally the notes you will play in that song. Be sure to check out my other piano / music theory videos relating to understanding scales. For the major scale: and for the natural minor scale:

Be sure to check out my other lessons so that you can learn more about how to play the piano and music theory!

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